Beyonce & Jay Z have announced that they are expecting twins! What are the five key things Queen Bey and Jiggaman need to know about twins?

People like happy news, especially in these time, especially when it involves Celebrities. So now that the news has exploded, and of course us at Twin Daddyo are always excited to see twins in the news.


Top 5 Things Beyonce and Jay Z need to know about having Twins

  1. ROUTINE: Get a solid routine in place, but above all, make sure it works for you and your family. As previously highlighted, our key to success was setting a routine and sticking with it. This gave both us as parents and them as newborns consistency throughout the day…sprinkled in with just a bit of sleep.
  2. SLEEP: don’t expect it. Feedings are endless with twins. You spend ages getting them both to feed and then sleep. For us, it was about an hour break/sleep once feeding was finished with both of them. Although, I suspect these two may have a bit more help at their disposal!
  3. SPACE: All the stuff you need for twins takes up a lot of space, and I mean A LOT! From the double prams to all the clothes, diapers, bottles and all, it takes up a lot of room in your house. Everyone knows New York City apartments aren’t spacious, but I imagine these two will manage to cope.
  4. FAMILY TIME: It’s about quality time, not quantity time. With their every growing celebrity status and busy schedules, getting good solid quality time with the twins is imperative. It’s good for the twins as well as the parents.
  5. IT’S WORTH IT!: Having twins isn’t easy, it’s a completely different challenge then having a single child, but man, it’s all so worth it. To see two very similar, but completely unique individuals grow is one of those blessings in life.
  6. BONUS: Hey Jay Z, a few words between you and me. My Top 10 Tips for a First Time Father of Twins. Don’t sweat it, even Ozzy Osborne managed to raise kids!

Regardless, congrats to the two of you. I hope having twins is as happy and joyous as an adventure as it has been for me!