Music is basically a part of your personality. Reading studies, you hear how various types of music at different stages in child development help parts of their brains grow and has proved to have very many positive aspects and results. This is something I strongly believe and place value on in our home. 

Growing up, I remember music being a big part of our house. We had a piano, which I duly took my few lessons on, my Mom had a guitar, although I don’t recall her playing it, but we always had music around. It was something that I was always set on being a part of my kids life in one way or another.

In the early courtship days of our relationship, Twin Mummyo and I bonded over our tastes and love for music. We’ve had my various guitars, harmonicas, bass guitars strung up around the house. When we’re home, Spotify is blaring out of one or more of our Sonos speakers. It’s very much part of our life.

The twins have graduated from liking only the Frozen or Cars soundtracks and started finding the music they like. They even have their own cute little dances that they do when they hear a song they like. What surprises me is how open they are to all music, cause it is so new and unbiased to them. For instance, the twins grabbed my wife’s phone this morning, managed to get some music on. First song was from Band of Horses, which I thought the kids would like because of it’s slower, calmer tones and melody. It lasted a few seconds and then was skipped like the next one or two, before landing on a Dr. Dre song. Both the kids immediately started doing their favoured hip-wiggle move, which meant they liked the song. My jaw nearly hit the floor.

At the ripe old age of three, I don’t worry too much about what kind of music my kids like or listen to. I had find myself change the tune on one foul language version of a song by Dre, but that’s the way it is for now. I know the twins will get exposed to everyone from Dr. Dre to Junior Wells, Buddy Holly to Mother Love Bone and James Brown to Johnny Cash. They’ll find their tune, their style, but in the meantime, I just keep enjoy their hip-wiggles when they hear something they like!