Who's Your Daddyo?There are loads of Dad’s out there. All of us came in part from one. All Dad’s are bonded by the common factor of experiencing fatherhood. For some of us, it bonds us. Despite this similarity, most of us are quite different, whether it be profession, hidden talent, parenting style, etc., we all tick differently. This feature, Who’s Your Daddyo & What Does He Do? will feature a different Dad each time, all filling out and answering the same questions.

This time around, we talk to Neal Mizushima of West Coast Dad Collective. Not to spoil the answers, but there are some serious feels at the end. Thanks Neal!

Name: Neal Mizushima

Location: Seattle, Washington, US

Blog: www.westcoastdadcollective.com

Current Gig/Job/Way of Spending Your Day: Professional Photographer, Marketing for Toy Company, Blogger

Number of kids:  2 (boys, ages 4 and 7)


One word that best describes how you Dad: Intentional.

What one thing (tool, device, accessory, etc.) makes your life as a Dad easier? The never ending information of the internet (and when the kids get older the internet will surely make life hell)

What’s your favorite thing about being a Dad? Adding more good to this world – two more truly good boys that will become good men.

What every day thing are you better at than everyone else (doesn’t have to be Dad related)? Confusing my kids with information

What do you do that makes your kids think you’re a super hero/super dad? I can get ready for the day super hero fast (only when compared to mommy though)

What centers you when the kids are acting up? I always just try to think about what I was like as a kid. My kids are better kids than I was. They hardly act up at all. #solucky

What’s your favorite way to unwind? Love riding bikes and just now the oldest boy can go on longer rides with me, which has been awesome.

What’s your best Dad-related tip? Let your kids be bored sometimes. A lot of parents I’ve met just fear that so much but that is often when true creativity comes out. Let them have time to think and be alone with their thoughts. I know it’s going to be beneficial when they’re older.

What is your favorite Dad story?  I didn’t have much of a relationship with my dad when I was a kid. Recently he’s been trying to be more involved and see his grandsons more. We were at a picnic a little while ago and someone brought a football out. I don’t think I’ve ever played catch with my dad before and he didn’t know how to throw a football. My son went up to my dad and was working on showing him how to throw a spiral. My son was teaching his grandpa in the same way that I taught him. It was all very surreal and took a while to fully process that dynamic.

Fill in the blank: I’d love to see _________ answer these same questions. Chris Pratt