There was this moment around Christmas 2008 where I made the decision that I wanted to explore moving to, living and working in London. I’d visited before, spent just about every Saturday morning in my local English pub to watch football/soccer and thought it would be a place that I could fit in well and make my own. The world listened and within a few days, during a call with my VP where I had intended to ask for an extended leave, he went first and asked me if I’d be interested in representing the company interests in London.


Seeing London via the London EyeThis gave me the boost to leave my adopted city of San Diego, leave the state I grew up in and the country I’ve always called home; not to mention all my family and friends. The challenge was worth it. I met an amazing local Brit, who stole my heart then gave me the most amazing twins I could ever ask for.

Being married to someone from another country and having kids with them could prove to be a logistical nightmare sometimes (especially around holidays), the ability to give my kids double the opportunities is something that makes me proud as a Father to be able to do.

One of the first things we did was get them American citizenship. This now means that when they get to an age to choose, they have the ability to go to higher education in the US or UK as a local, move to either country and depending on how politics go over the next decade or two, it could open up countless other possibilities. Given them as many options is all I’ve ever wanted for them so that they can make the best life possible.

Where in the world do you want to be? Let me help you with that.