The who or why never really matters. What matters is that it mattered to you in one way or another. This is how it works when someone makes an impact on your life in one way or another. When that person is suddenly gone, it reminds you of the impact they made, the stamp it has left on the passport of your life.

Scott Weiland is gone. A lot of his demons have been widely known and long been discussed. While the likely last needle never got him, addiction and anguish finely did. He will always be remembered as a musician, a figurehead of the grunge and the post-grunge rock era, junkie and amazing frontman, but he is lesser remembered as a Dad.

In 2001, Scott was still battling heroin addiction, but was back playing shows and recording music with Stone Temple Pilots. I was fortunate enough to see Scott and STP twice over the previous two years. These two shows went straight into my top 5 concerts of all time and are still there. Scott is largely the reason for this. His skills as a singer and frontman were simply impressive. Towards the end of 2001, STP  released their fifth album, Shangri-La Dee Da. The second to last song on the album is entitled “A Song For Sleeping“.

This is one of the most heartfelt and wonderful songs a parent has ever written for their child. Now,  fourteen years later, it is somewhat haunting. Almost like he knew what was coming to him, even on the day of his first child’s birth. Check out the lyrics:

Finally I’ve met you

The day has come

You’re more than beautiful

And you’re my son

I don’t deserve this

I never thought it could be

Quite like the moment

When you first smiled at me

A toothless, wonderful feeling

Like I’d never seen

It’s you, Noah, it’s you 

And when you lie down to sleep

I’ll protect you

From the demons of the night

While I’m watching you grow

I’ll pray

There’s so much I could teach you

If you only have the time


There’s so much God can teach you

If you only have the time

So will you tell me the little things?

What does God look like?

And angels’ wings?

I don’t remember these things

So would you teach them to me?

So for the moment 

I’ll watch you breathe

And when you wake up in the morning 

And I pour the coffee

You’re always smiling sweetly

The bits about “what does God look like and angels’ wings” really hit home this week knowing that he left a son and daughter behind. It reminded me that every second we as parents have with our kids is precious, but also fleeting. It reminded me that every hug, laugh and even tear is a bonus one that should be cherished as there is another Dad who won’t get to experience any more.

Thanks for the tunes Scott. My kids are getting extra hugs, thanks for making an impact on me.