Twin A enjoying the Penguin Snugglepod by LittleLifeRecently, we’ve been doing up the kids playroom, which was previously our dining room. Oh the days of hosting, entertaining, throwing lavish dinner parties are gone, well gone. Now there is a bigger need for the twins to have their own space that they can play in and feel comfortable in.

As the kids are getting bigger, becoming expert walkers, love reading and really enjoy having their own space, we knew we needed a really special corner where they could relax, grab a book and enjoy the pleasures of reading. We have a great alcove, but nothing to put in it to make it comfy for them.

LittleLife Penguin Snuggle PodWe tried everything from small kids sofas, loads of pillows and even a dog bed (unused of course), but these never ticked all the boxes for us. Then we came across the LittleLife Penguin Snuggle Pod. This super easy to setup product worked just the treat. The packaging the snuggle pod comes in is really easy to unpack, and as it is an inflatable mattress, took only a minute or so to inflate and have ready for the cover to go over. It’s great as it has everything you need to quickly assemble, including the pump, storage bag (if it needs to be deflated) and fits perfectly in our reading alcove.

Overall, the kids love it! After extensive use over the last few weeks, the kids have jumped up and down on it, sat quietly reading, wrestled and even used the sleeping bag feature to play hide and seek. As it is inflatable, it is very easy to move around if needed and can quickly be topped up, although I haven’t needed to yet.

LittleLife Gruffalo Toddler DaypackAlso, since the kids are a lot more mobile now, wanting to walk everywhere, we did a lot of research into harnesses, day packs and reigns. We loved the LittleLife range of cute day packs for toddlers (as the twins are now 18 months old) as they are non-obstructive, goes on easy like a backpack and includes reigns that can be attached to the pack. We settled on the Clownfish Daypack with rein and even managed to get hooked up with the LittleLife Gruffalo Daysack with rein that is coming out just in time for Christmas. The kids absolutely love these, as do we. The daypacks are quite light, have a space to hold a loved toy, water bottle and snack, and the reins allow us to make sure they don’t run too far off. This comes in exceptionally useful with twins as they tend to run in opposite directions, so can easily be kept near us. Both look great, appear comfortable to the twins, can be easily adjusted to fit them and is really a useful product that we use every weekend and then some.

Again, similar to the Snuggle Pod, the Toddler Daysacks are made really well, do just as you would expect, are easy to pack in the pram or car and the kids love them. They’ve even asked for them just to wear around the house. We will definitely be putting these products to good use over the next few years and I highly recommend checking them out!