Who's Your Daddyo? And What Does He Do?There are loads of Dad’s out there. All of us came in part from one. All Dad’s are bonded by the common factor of experiencing fatherhood. For some of us, it bonds us. Despite this similarity, most of us are quite different, whether it be profession, hidden talent, parenting style, etc., we all tick differently. This feature, Who’s Your Daddyo & What Does He Do? features a different Dad each time, each filling out and answering the same questions.

The hours that happen at night after your kids have gone to bed are pure bliss for most parents, especially Jeremy Barnes from Thirsty Daddy; but what does he do with these precious hours? Find out more below in this edition of Who’s Your Daddyo?


Name: Jeremy Barnes

Location: Connecticut, United States

Blog: thirstydaddy.com

Current Gig/Job/Way of Spending Your Day:

I work evenings as an X-Ray technologist in a pretty good size community hospital, mainly emergency room and special procedures like spinal taps and joint injections. I use to play pool on several leagues but now there isn’t much free time for much besides and occasional day golfing here and there.

Number of kids:  I have a five year old daughter and a 17 year old step daughter.

Jerm Barnes from Thirsty Dad on TwinDaddyo.com
One word that best describes how you Dad: Example.
I want my girls to grow up to be the kind of people that I strive to be. Its a big responsibility.

What one thing (tool, device, accessory, etc.) makes your life as a Dad easier? 

My wife. I give a lot of credit to those that do this on their own. It must be unbelievably hard.

What’s your favorite thing about being a Dad? 

The pride. Knowing that this little girl is the best thing that I have done or will ever do.

What every day thing are you better at than everyone else (doesn’t have to be Dad related)?

I don’t know that I’m better at it than every one else, but I try and be empathetic, to put myself in the shoes of others and understand where they are coming from.

What do you do that makes your kids think you’re a super hero/super dad?

I’m there for them when they need me. I also tell them often that I am a superhero. The little one still believes it.

What centers you when the kids are acting up? 

Deep breaths and trying to remember that how they see me respond to stress will play a part in how they do. Hiding in the garage and drinking a beer can be helpful also.

What’s your favorite way to unwind? 

I like a nice glass of bourbon or two on the couch with my wife, watching sports or a DVRd program. That hour or two after the kids go to bed provided the basis for my blog name before I was informed that kids today have a different definition of thirsty.

What’s your best Dad-related tip?

Always remember that they are watching you. Be who you want them to be and act how you want them to act.

What is your favorite Dad story? 

My favorite dad moment is an afternoon that I spent with my own father when I was about 16. My little league career had come to an end, but for some reason he and I went to watch a Babe Ruth league game. I’m assuming that one of my friends was playing, but couldn’t say that for sure. He owned his own construction business and probably had plenty of other things that he should have been doing, but for a few hours we just hung out, shot the shit, and watched some kids play ball. There were other times like this, and I’m sure he doesn’t even remember this particular day. I’m not sure why it sticks out in my memory. These are the kinds of days I want my girls to have with their father, the kinds of pointless afternoons I want them to remember.

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