Who's Your Daddyo?There are loads of Dad’s out there. All of us came in part from one. All Dad’s are bonded by the common factor of experiencing fatherhood. For some of us, it bonds us. Despite this similarity, most of us are quite different, whether it be profession, hidden talent, parenting style, etc., we all tick differently. This feature, Who’s Your Daddyo & What Does He Do? features a different Dad each time, each filling out and answering the same questions.

Kevin, aka Spike, from Double Trouble Daddy is the founder of the Las Vegas Dads Group. But the real burning question is, what’s in his kid’s ears? Read on to find out this answer and more in this edition of Who’s Your Daddyo?

Name: Kevin Zelenka

Location: Henderson, NV

Blog: DoubleTroubleDaddy.com

Current Gig/Job/Way of Spending Your Day: Freelance writer, stay at home father, and founder of the Vegas Dads Group

Number of kids:  3.5 year old twin toddlers

Kevin Zelenka

One word that best describes how you Dad: Focused

What one thing (tool, device, accessory, etc.) makes your life as a Dad easier? 

The timer on my iPhone.  When the boys argue about who gets to play with which toy, we set the timer for 5 minutes, and take turns.

What’s your favorite thing about being a Dad? 

Hugs, definitely hugs.

What every day thing are you better at than everyone else (doesn’t have to be Dad related)?

Outings with the boys, like shopping.

What do you do that makes your kids think you’re a super hero/super dad?

Magic Tricks.  I’m a pro at making quarters (or any other small object) disappear, and then re-appear in your ear! Now whenever the boys lose something and I ask them where it is, the first question they ask me is “is it in my ear?”

What centers you when the kids are acting up? 

Deep breaths, and remembering how old they are.  It’s hard to get frustrated with someone when you remember they’ve only been on this earth for 3 years.

What’s your favorite way to unwind? 

A scotch and a cigar on the patio after the kids go to bed.

What’s your best Dad-related tip?

Don’t count failures, only count wins – even the small ones.

What is your favorite Dad story? 

I wish I could say that I had one story to tell. It seems that every day is an adventure with twin toddlers.  All that is probably story worthy has become so routine and monotonous right now that I can’t think of anything that really stands out.

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Michael Von Bank – aka CranioDad