There are loads of Dad’s out there. All of us came in part from one. All Dad’s are bonded by the common factor of experiencing fatherhood. For some of us, it bonds us. Despite this similarity, most of us are quite different, whether it be profession, hidden talent, parenting style, etc., we all tick differently. This feature, Who’s Your Daddyo & What Does He Do? or WYD&WDHD will feature a different Dad each time, all filling out and answering the same questions. To get the ball rolling as we collect some great Dad’s responses, here are my answers.
Name: Chris Rothwell
Location: London, England
Current Gig/Job/Way of Spending Your Day: I’m a Business Director at an international advertising and marketing agency, I like to tell people I’m a ‘Mad Men’. It’s typically a lot less glamorous, but still lots of fun!
Number of kids: 2, boy/girl twins who have entered full blow toddler-hood.

Who's Your Daddyo & What Does He Do?
Riding on Thomas at Drusilas Park in East Sussex, UK. My son is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine and still talks about this day.

One word that best describes how you Dad: Collaboratively.
What one thing (tool, device, accessory, etc.) makes your life as a Dad easier? Duct tape. My kids destroy things, often. Have of their toys, books or our household stuff has been salvaged thanks to that magical invention.
What’s your favorite thing about being a Dad? Twin hugs. There is nothing better than two happy (currently toddlers) both running up to you to give a big cuddle. That’s a lot of love at one time and is good for the soul!
What every day thing are you better at than everyone else (doesn’t have to be Dad related)? Problem solving. Whether it be at work, DIY related or how to come up with a clever solution. I’m fairly creative, so think that helps me to conceptualize a solution to most any problem.
What do you do that makes your kids think you’re a super hero/super dad? Make any situation one that involves laughter. It could as a result of tickles, funny faces or just being silly. I think I’m exceptionally good at the art of distraction and try to make it light-hearted.
What centers you when the kids are acting up? My wife. No, I’m not just trying to get brownie points, she’ll see the stress or panic on my face and can calm me instantly with a reassuring look. It’s great to have that level of support and know that I get so much from an amazing partner.
What’s your favorite way to unwind? Playing Ice Hockey. There’s nothing better than knowing that at least once a week, I can go spend a couple hours hitting a puck or a person in a constructive way that is also really good exercise. It’s something that is just mine, that allows me to skate the stress and strains away of work, life or the kids.
What’s your best Dad-related tip? Calmness. Regardless of the situation, remain calm and take the time to calm yourself, it makes everything better. When the kids are annoying me or work is stressing me out, I know that gaining calmness will make everything easier.
What is your favorite Dad story? Being a Southern California native, I have a strong affection and affinity for the beach. Living in England, beach isn’t something that I get to experience all that often. For Father’s Day this year, we had no plans for the day, but the weather turned out to me really good, so we took an hour or so drive to the beach, even just if it was something different. We went to one of the (rarer in England) sandy beaches for a few hours of fun. The weather was great, we bought the twins a buck and spade each and spent the day building sand castles, eating quickly melting ice creams, while soaking up some much needed Vitamin D. While I had previously taken them to the beach in So Cal, they didn’t seem old enough to appreciate the beach. On this day though, they both literally leapt at the chance to splash in the ocean. We had a great unexpected day playing and having fun as a family.
Fill in the blank: I’d love to see _________ answer these same questions. Thom Hofman – his writing is incredibly good and makes me want to be a better writer, he’s from San Diego and gets paid to play with Penguins all day!