Daddy & Daughter 1-on-1With having twins, it’s easy to always ensure both are included in everything all the time. From play time, to nap time, to outings, etc., it’s an ‘all for one and one for all’ approach typically. However, our fear is that this doesn’t allow much room for our twins to have their own specific and direct bond with each of us. In a move to change that, we’ve introduced our weekly one on one time.

Being able to have one on one time with each parent for each twin is hugely important for their individual growth. Due to this, we’re taking an hour or two each weekend and alternating time alone with one of the twins. There isn’t a specific plan or agenda with them, the important thing is that they get alone time with Mummy or Daddy and are involved directly in the activity.

For instance, I’ve been after a new, sleeker backpack for work, so I took Twin A to the local mall. The trip wasn’t about me getting a backpack, it was about her and I spending some quality time together. While I took her in the pram, I utilised the fact that her seat could be rear facing so we could have conversations directly along the way. This resulted in a rather emphatic, read loud, discussion in one shop. She was very happy to give her input and a couple of people walked by us with big smiles as I was responding to everything she said, which made it look like I was the crazy one to be able to understand her jibberish.

It is these little bonding times that make a difference in my opinion. While it doesn’t have to be some big grand hour or two out, it just has to involve the two of us and connecting with each other. Big things can come out of it. In their time together, Super Mummy and Twin F walked to the local swing park. The little man walked the entire way to the park, which is about half a mile without needing to be picked up. This was a big achievement for him and one he was equally proud of as we were. These little bits of time together make a real difference and that’s what the aim of having alone time with one twin each week is all about.