Two happy twins, nothing betterOne of the things you don’t really get to understand about being a SAHD until you are one, is that there are fairly big highs and lows. Often these come in the same day and even more often in the same minute. To say being a stay-at-home-dad is never challenging, difficult, frustrating or tiresome isn’t true. There are days that you are so glad your partner is there that you feel like you are three steps out the door towards the pub before they can ask how your day was. The flip side is the extreme joy, amount of fun, constant smiles, closeness and sense of worth you get from joining the SAHD club. It’s those really great days when everything has clicked and you feel like the all mighty super dad that really makes it all worth it. 

Today was one of those super SAHD days. The twins club we attend was having their last get together before breaking up for the holidays, which included a children’s performer (no, not a clown thankfully) and a their first ever introduction to the big man, Santa Claus. I was quite proud of myself for getting the kids in their Christmas sweaters and out the door to arrive on time. I was feeling great until I realised I failed SAHD Rule #1 “Don’t ever forget the change bag!” Yep, it was clearly bound to be endless amounts of exploding nappies, sick up and hunger all at once that I had no way to prevent or fix. Clearly though, my Christmas came early as the kids were perfect all day. Sitting up, interacting with others, not dropping nukes in their nappies and were in really great moods the whole morning. No need for the change bag at all! Phew, bullet dodged.

With an afternoon of milks, lunch and naps, the twins were amazing throughout the early afternoon, which typically meant come early evening, there’d be hell to pay. This never came to fruition, they played really well together, on their own and we spent a lot of time playing together with loads of smile and laughter. Dinner, story time, bath time, bottle and bed went down a breeze with two happy angels all tucked in their beds as if Santa was making the rounds again tonight.

Overall, the day was as good as you can ask for as a stay-at-home-dad of twins. When days like this happen, you really come to see just how lucky you are to be doing this and get to have these precious moments. It really helps to refill the SAHD enthusiasm tanks and keep you going. These days do happen regularly, but they can’t be scheduled or planned, they have to be taken in stride with the bad days, but you thoroughly enjoy them when they arrive. My SAHD enthusiasm tank is over flowing tonight and I feel so fortunate to have this experience with my kids!