The twins first ThanksgivingBeing an American living in a foreign country is an interesting thing at time, especially around holidays that are specifically American. Instead of seeing the store full of fake turkeys, pilgrims or indians, you see the onslaught of Christmas everywhere in the UK. Every year that I have been here, I’ve visited a local BBQ joint that always does an excellent Thanksgiving meal for us ex-pats. However, with this being the twins’ first Thanksgiving, I wanted to do something different and special to try and show them some of their culture from the other side of the pond. So Super Mummy and I made plans and several stops to make as realistic of a Thanksgiving Day as possible for the kids. We also invited my British in-laws, who had never experienced a Thanksgiving meal before. 

Super Mummy and I gathered the turkey, cranberry sauce, potatoes, vegetables, stuffing and she even made a couple pumpkin pies! For the first time in my life, I even made our famous family recipe of candied yams, which came out brilliantly if I do say so myself. As we are a few months into weaning, the kids got to try turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and pumpkin pie for the first time. They loved it all and in typical Thanksgiving fashion, we had plenty of turkey and such left over for a few more meals and sandwiches. Overall, the night was a success and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I was really pleased to be able to share an American tradition with my family on this side of the pond. I think it is something we will definitely have to do every year going forward.