Large play pen for twinsWith the first week in the bag, the second week starring two sick kiddos, I was ready for us three to get back to normal and have a sick free household. With the twins on the verge of crawling, their ever apparent and impressive rolling was slowly turning from cute to borderline dangerous. As a result, we made the decision to finally get a playpen so that there would be a much lower risk of injuries. There are a lot on the market, of various sizes, materials, and expenses. We had the challenge of trying to decide what to call it, ranging from playpen to cage to the final decision of giving it a positive spin for the kids by calling it the ‘fun zone’. 

We opted to go with the Large Heavy Duty Wooden Baby Playpen 8 panels as it was a bit more robust and allowed for the flexibility to shape it as needed. We opted for square shape due to the size of our room and the space we wanted to put it in. The setup and building was quite easy, only took about twenty minutes at most and the twins were ready to try it out. The first few days, they were a bit unsure and it had mixed reviews from them, but they’ve really settled into it and seem to enjoy being in it.

As a Stay-at-Home-Dad (SAHD) of twins, I can say that this product is really helpful and almost a must for any parents of twins. The gate easy opens and securely shuts, so if you need to run to the bathroom, answer the door, prepare meals and bottles, it is great, as the kids are safe in the pen. This has come in really handily as it also provides a piece of mind that sharp edges, wires, other furniture, etc. are out of reach and not a danger to the kids if I need to step out of the room for a minute. So far, we are really pleased with the whole thing and it is proving to be worth the money. Additionally, we bought interlocking foam floor mats to put down underneath the playpen to give a bit more cushion and support as the twins are getting better and better at sitting up.