Our bouncing baby boy!After a mixed, but fairly successful first week, I went into the second week with a small amount of confidence. Taking what I learned during the transition week and the first week on my own, I knew there were improvements that could be made, routines tightened up. However, as all new parents know, routines can easily be thrown out of whack. This came in the form of two colds, one for the each of them. Overall, the second week on my own as a SAHD has been pretty good. Sicknesses can’t keep these twins down!

The week was largely filled with coughs, running noses, some tears and even enough smiles and laughs. Both babies were really good and seem to keep a good mood about them despite the lingering cold. Despite the colds and general sickness, this week saw both the twins begin to start sitting up on their own. The Princess was the first to grasp the concept, but Rocket Boy quickly caught up. We also introduced a new toy, a door bouncer. The Disney Tigger Bouncer has proved to be a big hit right out of the gates for Rocket Boy, unsurprisingly. The Princess hasn’t quite figured out the bouncing part, but does like to take a step back and then lift her feet up so she gets to swing on it. Not the desired output, but she still enjoys it.