Week One as a Stay-at-home-DadAfter a great transition week, the time had come for my first week on my own with the kids. There were routines to follow, meals prepared and a few outings penciled in. While I got a lot of good tips from the week before, nothing really prepares you like on the job training! Fortunately, I had a cheat sheet that Super Mummy had prepared that had everything I needed to plan for, think through and do throughout the day. This proved to be exceptionally helpful as a reminder, but something I didn’t want to use as a crutch at all time. I had to figure out for myself what worked and what didn’t work, which was very clear early on. 

Some important lessons were learned in that first week, the most important being to listen to the kids. They’ll dictate when they are tired, hungry, need a change or just a cuddle. I had to learn to be patient to understand what different behaviours meant and almost be able to predict their next mood. Again, this was really tough and took time. One of the hardest bits was to deviate from the routine and the schedule. This happened when we ventured out on the second day to visit our local twins club. It was tough going to get out of the house, but we made it. All in all, every break and change from the routine made me realise the flexibility was key to making through each day.