Transitioning to being a SAHDMaking the change from a full time job to be a full time stay-at-home-dad (SAHD) was never going to be direct and easy. There were routines to learn, tips to implement and overall, a lot of learning on the spot that had to be done. Fortunately, my wife and I had a week off together that was used as a transition week. It allowed me to shadow her here and there, take the lead at times and be able to slide into their routine without coming in like a wrecking ball and messing up her amazing seven months of hard work. 

The hardest thing for me was remembering the routine. It has changed so much since my initial paternity stint so long ago. Not to mention it was a lot more intricate than in previous months. Super Mummy clearly put in loads of time and patience to get them here and I wanted to make sure their growth and development continued. Having the transition week really helped in the fact that it gave me time to pick up all the little bits to put together the bigger plan.