Being a Dad is tough, being a working dad is worseAs mentioned yesterday that is my Final Week As A Working Dad, I thought I’d take this one step further and talk about the things I will not miss about being a working dad. While I’ve got a great job that I really enjoy and don’t have any complaints about it in itself, the hours I’m required to be there at minimum plus any business social related events after all take away from time I get to spend with the twins. Tack on the awfulness that is a daily commute with missing out on the little cute things and firsts that happen when I’m not around and you’ll start to get a picture of why I won’t miss being a working dad. 

  1. Commuting
    Being from California, my commute solely consisted of getting in my car and driving on the one or two freeways to my office. As anyone who has ever driven on a So Cal freeway during rush hour will tell you, it’s not a fun experience. When I moved to London, I loved that I didn’t need a car for anything. Trains, Tubes and even buses were frequent, took you everywhere and all you had to do was sit back and enjoy the journey. As any Londoner will tell you, that is never the case during peak travel times.

    I will not be missing those lovely journeys where you are face-to-armpit with a stranger, or having to decide if you’re going to stick your crotch or bum in someones face as the tube is just too packed. And god forbid if you are blessed to get a seat only to have one of the above instances happen to you. The hour long door-to-door commute, while eased by lack of white-knuckle driving, is not enjoyable. This also leads us into point two of why I won’t miss being a working dad.

  2. Limited Time With The Twins
    Monday through Friday consists of roughly an hour of time spent with the kids per day. This is broken down by maybe half an hour in the morning featuring changing a nappy and feeding them there morning milk before I have to rush to get ready for the workday and go commute. Then in the evening if I am lucky, I catch the slightly earlier train and get home in time for the last bit of bath time and the last feed before putting the kids to bed.

    This effectively means that I am a weekend dad, which I refuse to acknowledge as I hate that term, but it means the only real time I get to spend with the twins is on Saturday and Sundays. Even that time isn’t free to fully devote as there are more than enough things to do around the house, plans to fulfil, etc. I really look forward to spending more time with the kids, regardless of the fact that a lot of time will be spent cleaning mess, dealing with screaming twins or other horrors; the good far outweighs the bad.

  3. Missing Out on Firsts
    As I am only home for a limited amount of time with the kids each day, I miss out on a lot of the really special moments and firsts. Even the smallest things like the regular smiles, the twins playing together, messy lunches, enjoying a walk with them, whatever. The mundane things are still important to me and something I really feel I miss out on.

    While I didn’t get to be there the first time they started making each other laugh or tried food for the first time, I will (hopefully) be there the first time they crawl, or at minimum for those little instances where they are just super cute and all baby like.