The transition from being a working dad to a SAHDMonths ago, we made a decision. A decision based on timing, new government laws and what we thought was best for our young family. My wife wanted to get back to work and we both agreed we didn’t want to put the twins into child care. We sat down, looked at the options from a financial standpoint, and realised that it was a very real option for me to become a full time Stay-At-Home-Dad (SAHD). 

From a work aspect, it was good timing as I was looking at making a transition to a new role and company and from the Daddy aspect, getting to spend several months with the twins before they turned one was seemingly ideal. With all the cards in place, I now find myself having my last Monday as a commuter, office worker and colleague until February next year. While timing is seemingly never perfect, I’ve had a month in my new role with my new team and will miss going into the office and working with them week in and week out. This is quite nice. However, my new colleagues at home are so darn cute and fun to be around, I’m sure I’ll be well distracted from the working life.

As this has been on the books for months, as the time approaches, I have to admit that I am a bit nervous. Following the lead of Super Mummy is no small feat. She’s done such an amazing job with the twins over the last seven months and that’s a tough act to follow. I do feel I am up for the challenge and when I think about how phenomenal it will be to spend so much time with my kids when they are young, learning and growing, I know how much it is going to be worth it!

This next chapter is really exciting, but one I fear will fly by, or when I’m being simultaneously screamed at will hope flies by, but I just keep reminding myself that I will finally get to be there and with the twins more than just for a small amount of time before and after they go to bed. Time to get ready and Super Dad up. This working dad is ready for all that life as a Stay-At-Home-Dad had to throw at him.