Stay-At-Home-Dad has its merits and challengesSince the birth of our twins earlier this year, I have had a couple days playing the role of the full-time parent while my wife was at work, having keeping in touch days. It’s a good refresher as it reminds me first hand what Super Mummy goes through day in, day out. Also, it is different each time as routines have changed and evolved from one of these days to another. However, since I will be transitioning into the full-time parent come the end of this month, being in charge of the kids all day yesterday gave me a fresh viewpoint into what I have to look forward to from November through end of January. 

The new routine was probably the hardest thing for me to get used to. My wife has done an amazing job getting them to where they are now, including naps, weaning and having the consistency with these to boot. I tried hard not to mess up her hard work. In previous days with the kids, it was basically just trying to prevent meltdowns. Yesterday was much more challenging as I had to keep them active, interested and in a good mood…all while London got hit with one of the worst storms this year. Super Mummy has done a great job in trying to take the kids out for walks, food shopping, visits with friends, twins club, anything really, as long as it got them some fresh air and out of the house. This was another big challenge; how to keep them happy and entertained while being stuck indoors due to lightning, thunder, heavy rain and even hail clattered around outside.

As it was a bit tougher this time around because of the new (to me) routine and required attention, it was a great day that will help when I takeover command of the ship at the start of November. It’s getting to see the day to day changes and the sheer amount of time that I’ll get to spend with them is what I’m really looking forward to. It does suck a bit when you have a long week at work and realise that you only get to see your kids for half an hour or so total each day that is daunting. This was one of the big reasons why I wanted to take this opportunity to be a stay-at-home-dad and get to feel like I really took an (overly) active part in raising our beautiful twins.