Always shoot video in horizontal modeTechnology is great, I love it, always have. There are so many cool bits of technology that are making life easier, more compact and more comprehensive. Our phones have replaced everything from maps to cameras to landlines and even more. Personally, my wife and I use our phone to take both pictures and videos of our twins as our phone is almost always at hand; while our DSLRs or Video Cameras are only whipped out for intentional and planned moments. However, a lot of people are totally killing these special moments by how they use their phone to capture them. 

This couple in Liverpool show why this technology is great. Their one year old twins started playing peek-a-boo in their cribs and the hilarity was captured on one of their phones. What was an absolutely precious moment was forever ruined by the fact that the parent held their phone vertically, losing quality and full screen appeal that they would have gotten by simply holding the phone horizontally. While I may be picking on this couple, this problem is universal. It really comes down to a bit of laziness, how hard is it really to turn the phone sideways and shoot much better video? As illustrated in the image above, your TV sits horizontally, not vertically, so why should you film vertically instead of horizontally? We here at Twin Daddyo strongly encourage you to make this change and make everyone’s lives and those special moments better!