Becoming A Full Time Stay At Home DadWell, after several weeks and months, I am really happy to announce two new changes going on. First, after nearly four years, I have left my company to join one of our sister agencies. It’s a really good opportunity that gets me back to what I’ve been doing for the majority of my career. I’m really excited about working with a new team, new clients and having new professional challenges.

As part of my agreement to start the new role, I am working behind the scenes for the next month, at which time I will be the first in my company (of nearly 1,500 people) to take advantage of the UK Governments new policy of allowing Mothers and Fathers to share Maternity leave. I will be spending all of November, December and January as a full-time Stay-at-Home-Dad, which I am really excited about! Getting to spend three months with the twins will be amazing and exceptionally challenging. Having them from 7 months through to 10 months will bring a lot of firsts, a lot of tears, but ultimately, an experience that is truly once in a lifetime for me. I’m excited to be the guinea pig/maverick in my company for the new UK Paternity leave laws and the time I will always cherish having with our twins.