In Constant Amazement of Our TwinsWhile every day is amazing when you have twins, there are just those days when one or both of them leave me in genuine amazement. Yesterday was one of those days. While we try really hard not to brand them as this or that, it’s tough to surpass the fact that our gorgeous little girl started sleeping through the night at 3 months old and began rolling herself over about a month later. She is such a star in those aspects, but it’s just part of her personality.

The little man is amazing in his own right. He’s the first to start talking, a big giggler, lead splasher in the bathtub and much more. Again, we don’t try to classify him as the “good one” at this or the “bad one” at that. There is no competition between them, they are perfectly amazing in their own right and get the love, affection and attention as equally as possible. 

However, on some occasions, one of them stands out for a moment and leaves us a bit in awe. Yesterday that title went our little man. Despite three adults being in the house, he decided to reveal his rolling skills for the first time. Fortunately, my father was watching him try and my wife walked in at the right moment to see his first roll. Throughout the rest of the day, he seemed to prefer a minimal audience for his rolling debut; and despite his sister having over a month more of experience, he decided to one up her and continuously roll, where she does one roll and then returns to her back from the original position, he just kept going.

Seemingly, with his job of impressing his parents done for the day, he went into his “normal” nighttime routine of a wake up around 11:30pm. As I had him on watch that night, I calmed him down and hunkered down for another long night. While we prefer to keep the dummy out of their mouths at night, sometimes it’s too much of a fight and not worth the consequences to remove it, which was the case last night. Hoping to get him to sleep for an additional thirty minutes to an hour before giving him his late night feed, he decided that tonight was the perfect time to sleep through until past four in the morning, meaning he’d go nine hours without a feed. This was incredible, I even woke up at 3am and realised he hadn’t cried or tried waking up enough to warrant a response. When I took him in to feed him, my wife woke up shocked as she realised what happened as well.

So yes, this is simply a boast by a very proud, and slightly less sleep deprived, daddy, who remains in constant amazement of his twin babies. It’s one of the things that makes me really enjoy being a twin dad, you get double the surprises, double the excitements and double the amazingness that these two so continuously deliver into our lives!