Importance of a Positive Self ImageEvery Dad out there will always see their kids as they were when they were young and babies, even if that image drastically changes over the years. My parents still see me as their ‘little boon boon’, despite my constant pleas that I’m really a grown boy. Even five months in, I know that despite what phases, styles, decisions the twins make, I will always stand by them. Lately there has been a lot of talk about positive self images for children so that they grow up confident, secure and happy in their own skin. I fully agree that this is important. Supporting your children, giving them the tools they need and then letting them grow is what it is all about.

For me personally, it wasn’t until I gained height that I began to grow confidence and held myself a bit higher. This is something that I want to make sure my kids have; and hopefully at an earlier age than me. While there is the obvious difference between confidence and cockiness, that’s where our parenting comes in…to define and educate where that line is. Again, I think my awkward teenage years would have been much different and easier if I had enlisted the advice about how I carried myself and could build confidence that my parents tried to instil on me. On the related lighter side of things, while ‘Dad’ has always been a good target audience for things like cars, beer, DIY and other interests, marketing efforts sometimes just hit the nail on the head. Hornbach, a DIY chain in Germany picked up on the power of ‘Dad’ in this ad. In the end, your kids will grow up to be who they are and that can’t nor shouldn’t be forced to change as this Dad shows.

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