Tuneage Tuesday: Beastie BoysWhat is there to say other about the seminal Beastie Boys album from 1986, Licensed to Ill?! This album is the one that really introduced me into hip hop and rap early on. I can remember running around the playground singing one of the only lines I could remember like, ‘You gotta fight, for your right, to PAAARRRRTAAAAY!’ Granted most of the material went well over my head at that time, but it was the sense of fun that came out of the songs like GirlsBrass MonkeyShe’s Crafty and all of them really.

Unfortunately, I never got the chance to see Beastie Boys perform, but I can say they featured heavily on just about any party mixtape I made, are constantly on my phone or iPod. Needless to say, Licensed To Ill will always go down as a great album from top to bottom and one I thoroughly enjoy.