Twin Sleeping Habits

In the lead up to the birth of our twins, we relentlessly researched what was the best sleeping arrangements. Together? Apart? In a cot? A bed? A Moses Basket? Teepee? Lots of twin parents suggested having them sleep in the same bed, as they are together so closely for 9 months in the womb, having the other there is comforting in this new scenario for them. Having heard this sentiment over and over, we decided that it would be best to have the twins tandem sleep.

Even the best researched and laid plan may need to be changed. After they were born, we spent four days in the hospital with them. This provided a lot of insight into how they naturally want to be when it comes to sleep. For the first two days, they slept together and seemed okay with it. However, when we split them up, they slept significantly better. One didn’t disturb the other as much and they did together, so we changed our plan to have them sleeping separately. As a result, I had to make an eleventh hour dash to the baby store to get two Moses baskets for them.

Over the following few months, this proved to be the right choice as when one would stir, the other didn’t seem to notice or wake. With our daughter, who began sleeping through the night at about three months old, she began to take longer to get down to sleep initially, would wake in the night, was more easily disturbed when her brother fussed up, so we knew we had to re-evaluate her sleeping situation. We made the decision to try her on her own, out of our room. Having the space to move into a more comfortable position, the space in her own cot seemed to be a winner. She regularly sleeps through the whole night, and actually spins in her sleep. So far, we’ve witnessed a 180* turn over the course of the night.

As she has indicated that she likes, wants and needs space to sleep well, we are all too happy to accommodate. This has also lead us to further change our ‘next step’ plan from when they move out of their Moses baskets. Now, instead of putting my son in with our daughter, they will be going into their own cot/crib in the same room, but not in Mummy and Daddy’s room. For our son, this will be a big change, but based on his recent difficulties with sleeping, we think this will help him. Just now have to hope that he follows his sisters example and starts sleeping through the night.