QOTSA...like clockworkIn 1999, I went to see Rage Against The Machine at the Great Western Forum in LA. It proved to be one of the last shows Rage did before breaking up and it was amazing. A good nearly two hours before Rage played their first song that night, I had already been blown away for the first time by the greatness that is Josh Homme  and Queens of the Stone Age. QOTSA were hardly known even in their local LA, but managed to be the first act on across the RATM tour.

Ever since that show, I’ve been a massive fan of Queens and Josh Homme. To be honest, I’ve spent the last fifteen years waiting for QOTSA to fall apart, make a really bad album and disappear. Unsurprisingly, this hasn’t happened yet, for which I am thankful!

2013 saw the latest offering from Homme and QOTSA in the form of ‘…Like Clockwork.’ End to end, it’s a really enjoyable album and one I continue to enjoy the more I listen to it. It shows some bit of growth, but mainly is just a really good album with varying styled tracks. Even when they strip back their songs to an acoustic performance, it’s still solid. Check out this version of ‘I Sat By The Ocean’.